Colton Oil Syndicate
Local Coordinators
Bouth (Bouth, Finsthwaite, Lakeside): David Hamer

Colton (Colton, Snows): Mike Postle

Oxen Park (Oxen Park, Pool Foot): Sue McKinnon

Rusland (Rusland, Ickenthwaite & Satterthwaite): Mike Benham mikebenham@btinternet .com

Spark Bridge, Nibthwaite & Water Yeat Mike Postle

Syndicate Secretary: Mike Postle 01229 861 685
Working Group
Mike Benham, Ian Cunliffe, David Hamer, Ian Johnson, Sue McKinnon, Victor Middleton, Mike Postle.
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Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Mike Aspinall - coordinator of the Marton-cum-Grafton oil buying cooperative for his help in getting us started and acknowledge the useful advice given in 'Best Practice for Oil Buying Groups' made by Action with Communities in Rural England, Federation of Petroleum Suppliers and Citizen's Advice.