Colton Oil Syndicate
What we do
The syndicate is set up to facilitate the purchase heating oil (kerosene, 28 second) only. It does not deal with any other type of oil.
Where the Scheme operates
Membership of the syndicate is currently open to all households in the areas of the Cumbrian Parish of Colton and surrounding district defined as Bandrake Head, Bouth, Finsthwaite, Colton, Snows, Spark Bridge, Oxen Park, Rusland, Ickenthwaite & Satterthwaite.

The Scheme may subsequently be extended into other adjacent areas.
Joining the scheme
An application form can be downloaded here (Word version) or obtained from your local village co-ordinator whose contact details are listed on this site and on Parish notice boards.
Guiding Principles
The primary purpose of the Syndicate is to facilitate the purchase of heating oil at a discount, but it will also operate to maximise the environmental and social benefits that working cooperatively can bring.
Decisions on how the syndicate operates will be determined by its members and these will be made principally at a meeting (AGM) to be held once a year.
The day to day running of the Syndicate will be done by a working group chosen by the members. Members of the working group will not be paid for their work.

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