Colton Oil Syndicate
How to Order
Members should let their local coordinator know how much oil they require by the relevant cut off date. This should be done preferably by e-mail (requesting a read receipt) or by sending/giving the coordinator a completed form. (To avoid mistakes, phone orders are not accepted).

Next buying cut off date: April 9th 2022

The order should either be for a fixed number of litres (minimum 500 l) or 'fill the tank' (but we MUST have a reasonably accurate estimate of the likely quantity in this case so that we have an idea of the total volume required when negotiating with suppliers).

What happens next?
The local coordinators aggregate the orders and pass the order details to the Syndicate negotiator.

The negotiator will negotiate with the oil distribution suppliers to find the best price consistent with a quality service.

The negotiator will obtain and accept a fixed price which will be below that quoted by comparator web sites. Tests will also be made to ensure that the price quoted represents a saving on a typical single delivery into the area.
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