Colton Oil Syndicate
Some points to remember
There is no obligation for any member to buy their oil through the Syndicate. However, once you have placed an order we ask you not to pull out of the deal because it may well affect the price that everyone else pays.

It is an individual member's responsibility to ensure that deliveries can be made on the date(s) given by ensuring appropriate access arrangements. When filling out an application form for membership, you will be asked about any particular access issues which a supplier will need to know .
It is your responsibility to ensure that this information is accurate & sufficient and that any changes are notified in writing to your local coordinator.

The Syndicate acts as the agent in facilitating the placing of an order on behalf of a member. Once an order has been placed, the contract of supply is between the member and the chosen supplier. The coordinator can not accept responsibility for anything which goes wrong on the day of delivery.

The coordinators, the negotiator and everyone else connected with this scheme are
volunteers. Please help us by keeping things simple and concise and communicating information in writing/e-mail (ask for a read receipt) so we can maintain a record.

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