Colton Oil Syndicate
Next Buying Dates
The Annual members' meeting was held on Friday 10th March where members reviewed the operation of the Syndicate and in particlar, the savings achieved over the last year. No major changes to the operation of the Syndicate were proposed and the ordering cut off dates for 2017/2018 were confirmed, Notes from this meeting have been circulated to members.
Becoming a Member of the Syndicate
Not a member? Why not save yourself some money? If you live in Colton Parish, Spark Bridge, Nibthwaite, Water Yeat or Satterthwaite:

Download an application form (Word version on Welcome page) or just ask the co-ordinator for your area for a form. Then return it to your coordinator (Details under 'contacts').
Filling in one of these forms does not commit you to buying oil but we can not accept orders until we have these essential details.
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May Buying Round
The buying round will be undertaken by Carrs-Billington which quoted the best price. Delivery is scheduled for completion either by Friday 19th May or soon after.

Annual Meeting
The next buying round ordering cut off date is July 8th 2017. Subsequent dates wil be
7th October, 9th December and 10th February 2018

Contact your local coordinator (Details under 'contacts').