Colton Oil Syndicate
What information will I get if I've asked for an oil delivery?
Local coordinators will tell you the chosen supplier, the price, the delivery reference and delivery date(s). To ensure best value, the time between the the cut off and delivery dates may be short so communications (e-mails, etc) should be checked frequently at this stage.

The oil is delivered on the agreed day or days to individual addresses
An invoice will sent by the supplier to each delivery address.

The invoice is payable direct to the supplier by the recipient within the stipulated period by cheque, credit or debit card.

If this is your first time ordering with the chosen oil company, the company may ask you for credit/debit card details. This will be done on the understanding that no money will be taken until delivery has been made. After credit checks have been made, the Company will invoice you as an established customer for any subsequent deliveries.

PLEASE NOTE: The Syndicate does not handle any money whatsoever.

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